Thanks to our insane partying we earned $9,375 for Habitat for Humanity
to rebuild New Orleans!!! We want to thank everyone for coming out to celebrate
New Orleans culture and for contributing to the event.


A big thank you to:
Union Hall,
The Dansettes,
Hungry March Band,
The World Famous Pontani Sisters,
Blue Vipers of Brooklyn,
M Shanghai String Band,
Stephane Wrembel,
Snuggle T and the Huggs,
Dave Hill, DJ Grand Pah, DJ Ryan Gannon,
NoNO Kitchen, 10 Cane Rum, Le Tigre,
First Act, Rounder Records,
Paul Moro, Lauren Amyot,
Applewood, Rosewater
and the Peach Tartes.

Our website is under construction for now, but check for
updates of our next adventure at MIDNIGHT KITCHEN

A Midnight Kitchen Media Production

SPIN magazine and Le Tigre are giving away two limited edition
Mardi Gras polo shirts. Enter here to win.

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